WOOD STRIP CANOE AND KAYAK KITS for our European customers


(two 16' PROSPECTOR model canoes-KIPAWA Forest, Quebec, Canada)


Bear Mountain Boat Shop



Canadian Canoes

are pleased to announce that we are now supplying KITS for woodstrip canoes and kayaks to builders in Europe.

(17'Endeavour Kayak, Temagami Region, Ontario, Canada)


www.canaThe select Kits are made and carefully packaged in Canada then shipped in bulk

via ocean freight to Rotterdam then by truck to M.u.H. von der Linden GmbH in Wesel, Germany.


When you place an order with Bear Mountain or Canadian Canoes for a kit, it will be shipped to you from Wesel, Germany via DHL to your European address.

(over a beaver dam,McConnell Lake, Ontario, Canada)


If you require the epoxy and cloth the von der Lindens can supply you with it.



The long straight wooden parts are securely wrapped and shipped inside a long cardboard tube. The 70 lb.(32 kg.) tube can be transported on a vehicle using roof racks. The smaller items are shipped in one cardboard carton.

We offer 3 customized woodstrip building kits to build most of the popular Bear Mountain designs (i.e. Peterborough Canadian, Chestnut Prospector, Endeavour kayak, Freedom 15 solo,etc.

Features include full length strips, accent planks, gunwales – all the hard-to-find parts shipped to your door. For 35 years Bear Mountain and Canadian Canoes have produced some of the finest woodstrip watercraft using the most advanced building materials and innovative techniques. We have shared our experience with thousands of home builders throughout the world, in the creation of their own strong, light and well made wooden boat. Our parts are the best you will find.

For details on all Bear Mountain full size building plans

We recommend that you refer to CANOECRAFT or KAYAKCRAFT by Ted Moores for a great building experience. Available in English from Bear Mountain or in German from M.u.H. von der Linden GmbH www.




Our prices are as of January 14, 2008 when one Euro was worth $1.51 Canadian. It will vary slightly with time ( )

Prices FOB Wesel, Germany.

*** NOTE:   Price does includes a $300.00 shipping charge to Europe but does not include VAT and shipping within Europe. ***

the KITS 

1. EURO CANOE KIT 5.18 meters (17 ft.) to build the Peterborough Canadian 16’, Champlain, J.G. Brown, 15’ Hiawatha, Huron Cruiser, Cottage Cruiser, Freedom 15, Freedom 15’3”, Bobs Special, Ranger, Chestnut Prospector, Rob Roy Solo,

Price $1463.Canadian Dollars

2. EURO CANOE KIT5.5 meters (18 ft.)

To build the Freedom 17, Solo Day Tripper, Nomad, Redbird 17’6”

Price $1503. Canadian Dollars



66 western red cedar, bead and cove, full length, clear, strips

1 pair basswood accent strips

1 pair mahogany accent strips

4 piece ash gunwale set (planed 4 faces)

1 set stem stock for inner and outer stems

1 pair brass stem bands 48” long



1 pair ,hardwood frame, cane filledcanoe seats

1 piece hardwood sufficient for a pair of crowned decks

1 thwart

hardware for hanging the seats and thwart

(dinner on Chiniguchi Lake in northeastern Ontario, Canada)


3. EURO KAYAK KIT 5.5 meters (18 ft.) to build 14’ Venture or 16’6” Resolute or 17’ Endeavour


70 western red cedar bead and cove strips, 7/8” x 18’ (5.4 m)

1 pair basswood accent strips

1 pair red cedar sheer clamps

1 pair ash sheer guards

1 stem stock package for inner and outer stems

1 king board –both edges have a bead shape for parallel planking

Price $1480.00 Canadian Dollars

NOTE: additional items such as seats and rudders may be ordered separately from Bear Mountain Boat Shop


(17' Endeavour on Lady Evelyn Lake, Temagami Region, Ontario, Canada)


Images simply for enjoyment !

(16' Prospector, Lac Kipawa, Quebec, Canada)


(17' Endeavour, Fox Islands, Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada)



(16' Prospector, Dewdney Lake, Ontario, Canada)


(17' Nomad, somewhere on one of our canoe trips!)


(end of the Portage)


(on the way to another portage, Chiniguchi Lake, Ontario, Canada)